Quality Improvement Advisor

Review of applications will begin on October 2, 2022. Position will remain open until filled.
The Wisconsin Association for Perinatal Care (WAPC) is hiring a Quality Improvement Advisor to support the mission and work of WAPC and the Wisconsin Perinatal Quality Collaborative (WisPQC). This position is responsible for leading teams through quality improvement initiatives, managing all aspects of data related to the initiatives, and contributing to an overall effort for continuous organizational improvement.

Work Location

Remote; must reside in Wisconsin and have reliable internet access; please let us know if internet access is currently a barrier


0.8 to 1.0 (32 to 40 hours)

Salary Range

$55,000-$66,000 at 1.0 FTE


Health insurance, retirement, short- and long- term disability, paid family leave, time off


As needed throughout the state

Remote Work

WAPC provides a laptop and second monitor for staff home offices, as well as other materials as necessary to complete the duties of each position. We do not provide office furniture or pay for employee internet at this time

COVID-19 Policy

WAPC will accommodate reasonable requests and not require inperson attendance at meetings and events that pose a risk to an employee’s health. We will make every effort to be as flexible as possible to accommodate caregiving responsibilities, including K-12 online schooling, childcare, and illness related to COVID-19.

Position Summary

The Wisconsin Association for Perinatal Care (WAPC) is hiring a Quality Improvement Advisor to support the mission and work of WAPC and the Wisconsin Perinatal Quality Collaborative (WisPQC). This position is responsible for leading teams through quality improvement initiatives, managing all aspects of data related to the initiatives, and contributing to an overall effort for continuous organizational improvement.

In this role, you will have the opportunity to affect healthcare delivery and outcomes for birthing people and infants across Wisconsin. This role is perfect for someone who enjoys being extremely organized, working with and communicating about data and QI science, balancing deadlines, and collaborating with diverse teams. This person should have familiarity with the concept of quality improvement (QI), experience planning and facilitating

meetings for a diverse audience, and an interest in professional development. Experience in clinical practice would benefit the person in this role, but it is not required. Strong QI skills are essential to success in this position, however, formal training in QI methodology is not required to apply. We are committed to developing the QI skills of the person in this role from whatever level of training/experience they have at the start.

WisPQC uses the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI) Model for Improvement as a guide for executing our initiatives. If the person in this role is not yet familiar with the Model for Improvement, we will explore training opportunities.

The person in this position should be excited to contribute to an anti-racist and LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace, programming, and QI work. A deep understanding of (or interest in understanding) how social determinants of health relate to clinical health outcomes is essential.


WAPC no longer has a brick-and-mortar office; all staff work remotely. When it is safe to do so (see “COVID-19 Policy” above), we will meet in-person as a staff periodically throughout the year and around the state. This position can expect to travel to in-person events, such as learning sessions with teams, organization-wide events, and to provide on-site support when applicable.

You will join a collegial and thoughtful team that values collaboration, open communication, and efficient and timely completion of tasks and projects.

WAPC strives to attract and develop individuals who reflect a broad spectrum of diversity, including racial, ethnic, gender identity, and socioeconomic dimensions. We believe that inclusion of diverse perspectives is essential to achieving long-term, systemic change. We explicitly welcome applications from those who self-identify as coming from historically marginalized populations to enrich and elevate our equity-centered approach to problem- solving.


The Quality Improvement Advisor works collaboratively with both internal and external stakeholders to improve perinatal care in Wisconsin through application of quality improvement science.

WAPC is a multidisciplinary professional association for perinatal care providers founded in 1970 with the purpose of promoting perinatal health for all birthing people and infants in Wisconsin. Our vision is a world in which every baby is born healthy, wanted, and into a family prepared to nurture, love, and support. More information about our work can be found at www.perinatalweb.org.

In 2014, WAPC formed the Wisconsin Perinatal Quality Collaborative (WisPQC) with the support of many statewide partners, including the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS). WisPQC’s mission is to “improve perinatal health outcomes and equity across the continuum for all women (birthing people) and infants in Wisconsin.” WisPQC’s members are

organizations and agencies committed to quality improvement in perinatal health. We recruit and support hospitals to participate in quality improvement initiatives on a range of topics. We have adopted and adapted the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Breakthrough Series (BTS) model for our initiatives, and implement Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (AIM) patient safety bundles when possible. More information about our initiatives can be found at www.wispqc.org.

This position will:

  • Manage quality improvement initiatives following the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI) Model for Improvement (Quality Coordination)
  • Manage Life QI, including troubleshooting with teams (Data Analysis and Management)
  • Lead data efforts within WisPQC, including measure development and data collection, validation, and visualization (Data Analysis and Management)
  • Design and implement a variety of evaluation processes and procedures (Program Development)
  • Contribute to regular internal team meetings (Competencies/Knowledge, Skills, Abilities)
  • Develop skills related to QI and project management (Competencies/Knowledge, Skills, Abilities)
  • Work closely with the Quality Improvement Program Manager (Program Development)
  • Perform other duties as assigned


  • Program Development:
    • Incorporate QI principles into development, implementation, and evaluation of initiatives and projects
    • Incorporate dimensions of equity in development, implementation, and evaluation of initiatives and projects
    • Provide leadership and education on QI science to WisPQC and WAPC
    • Work within a team to develop and coordinate activities of WisPQC and its initiatives; activities may include, but are not limited to, facilitating meetings, processing data, preparing presentations and reports, and evaluating WisPQC and its initiatives
    • Support dissemination of WisPQC’s work and promotion of WisPQC
    • Participate in idea development and grant writing
    • Contribute to grant reporting requirements as needed
    • Contribute to the overall success and sustainability of WisPQC
  • Data Analysis and Management:
    • Perform analysis of data related to QI
    • Evaluate reports for accuracy of data
    • Provide technical expertise in data analysis to WisPQC initiatives and WAPC projects
    • Compile data and develop reports for stakeholders
    • Serve as Data Lead to Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (AIM)
  • Quality Coordination:
    • Provide QI perspective in strategic planning for WisPQC and WAPC
    • Develop and maintain relationships with QI leaders in Wisconsin and nationally
    • Provide individualized support and QI coaching to participating initiative teams
    • Represent WisPQC and WAPC at state and national meetings as needed
    • Work closely with QI Program Manager to review QI data, plan monthly calls and create slide decks, meet with teams individually
  • General
    • Contribute to staff meetings and all-staff discussions
    • Contribute to the planning of organization-wide events, such as the Wisconsin Perinatal Conference
    • Other duties as assigned KNOWLEDGE AND ABILITIES


  • Strong planning, organizing, and priority-setting skills, and the ability to balance the priorities of concurrent projects
  • Knowledge of principles and practices of quality management, quality improvement, and quality assurance in a health care setting
  • Analytical problem-solving skills
  • Interpersonal sensitivity
  • Interest in continuing to learn and grow in this position through professional development opportunities and by taking on new challenges within the organization
  • Knowledge of QI principals, processes, monitoring, and evaluation procedures
  • Knowledge of QI data analysis
  • Demonstrated experience implementing QI programs and projects
  • Committed to maintaining expertise in QI science
  • Very strong interpersonal, collaborative, and working relationship skills and proven ability to build networks and partnerships
  • Takes ownership for and follows through on commitments
  • Conveys ideas in a manner that engages others and helps them understand and retain the message
  • Approaches problems and decisions methodically, objectively, and timely, involving others as needed
  • Focuses on outcomes and accomplishments; motivated by achievement and a need for closure; has an attention to detail; is both efficient and effective in achieving a high level of measurable outcomes; persists in achieving goals despite obstacles
  • Creates and supports an environment where improvement ideas, team-building, and creative thinking are encouraged to meet the organizational needs for process improvement
  • Ability to work remotely
  • Willingness to travel throughout Wisconsin as needed for meetings and events. Must provide own transportation. Mileage reimbursement available.
  • Commitment to and support for the mission and values of WAPC and WisPQC; align actions around organizational goals; prioritize organizational mission and value when making decisions


  • Knowledge of evaluation methodologies
  • Awareness of theories and techniques of qualitative evaluation, data analysis, and organization and management analysis
  • Experience in health care administration, including: program evaluation, planning, or quality improvement
  • Experience with QI data platforms, e.g., Life QI, Simple QI, etc.
  • Formal training or certification in a quality improvement methodology, such as the IHI Breakthrough Series (BTS), CPHQ, LEAN, Six Sigma; or interest in/ability to receive formal training


  • Two to three recent years of experience in QI programs including program development, data analysis, and outcome reporting
  • Microsoft Office suite (Outlook/Word/Excel/PowerPoint) mastery
  • Experience with virtual meeting platform, e.g., Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, etc.
  • Experience designing and implementing program evaluation
  • Experience creating compelling visual representations of data
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211 S. Paterson St., Suite 250 Madison, WI 53703 | 608-285-5858
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