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June 23, 2021

What Do You Know about Perinatal Care for Incarcerated People?


The 2021 Regional Forum will be held as a virtual event again this year, so mark your calendar for October 14th!

The forum is a unique opportunity for WAPC to bring together a variety of perinatal perspectives from around the state to discuss a common topic. This year’s forum will focus on perinatal care for incarcerated people. Whether you work directly with prisons to provide care or not, you have likely encountered a patient or client who has been incarcerated (even if they were not upfront with this information). As perinatal professionals, we owe it to the people we serve to be trauma-informed for a variety of circumstances and check our biases at the door to provide the best care possible for Wisconsin families.

Registration for the Regional Forum will be available in July as we begin to solidify event details. Keep an eye on your email and follow us on social media for reminders!

If you have experience working with incarcerated people and would like to be involved with the forum, contact Mindy at today!

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