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March 24, 2022

Interview with Teresina Simmons

By kevinlamanna

Thursday, In honor of World Doula Week, we interviewed our new Regional Support Specialist, Teresina Simmons, RN, about her multidisciplinary perinatal career as a doula, nurse, home visitor, educator, public health worker, advocate, and parent.

Teresina has more than twenty years of experience as a birth-worker, including ten years of nursing, seven years as a business owner, and five years as an instructor.

What first drew you to this profession?

My nursing journey began with my immense desire to help heal people. My doula journey stemmed from my desire to be able to provide education and resources to birthing moms and families. I have always strived to increase my knowledge of pregnancy and fetal development since I first opened the encyclopedia to do so at age nine. These desires also helped to bring both of my businesses to fruition and are indicative of the many reasons that I have collaborated and worked with so many other individuals, community organizations, and health systems to promote comprehensive health and wellness.

What is the most rewarding thing about your profession?

It is such a pleasure to be able to bring a nurturing, yet informative approach, to families while encouraging self-discovery and collaborative advocacy. My varied experiences in both the clinical world and the community allows the families I work with to experience a unique opportunity with high-level expertise and totally relatable and supportive care. Knowing that I made a difference and assisted with helping to create better outcomes for all involved is priceless.

What skills does someone in your profession need in order to be successful in their career?

In order to be in any position that actually helps people, you have to have good communication skills and the ability to listen! Being flexible and adaptable to change, having a collaborative mindset, being willing to take on challenges, and always remaining a lifetime learner are things that are definitely necessary to be successful, particularly in helping/healing positions.

Thank you, Teresina, for taking the time to share your experiences with us!

Ensuring the best possible birth outcomes in Wisconsin takes a multidisciplinary approach – that’s why you’re here!

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