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Call for Breakout Session Proposals

WAPC is currently accepting proposals for one-hour breakout sessions for the upcoming 2024 Wisconsin Perinatal Conference.

We are seeking presentations on a wide range of topics that collectively enhance perinatal health care. Each presentation must acknowledge and address existing inequities and disparities in perinatal health, demonstrating a clear connection to the session topic, to ensure a comprehensive and inclusive approach to improving perinatal health outcomes. This is an excellent opportunity to present your insights and innovations to a diverse, multidisciplinary audience dedicated to advancing perinatal health.

You will be asked to provide: 

  1. Your contact information
  2. Disclosure of financial relationships
  3. Confirmation of the integrity of presentation content
  4. Presentation title and a brief description that includes:
    1. The practice gap addressed
    2. Acknowledgment of existing inequities and disparities 
  5. Other presenters (this can be completed later)
  6. Duration (please check one-hour)
  7. Topic/subject areas covered by the presentation