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Become a member of WisPQC.

The Wisconsin Perinatal Quality Collaborative (WisPQC) focuses on the perinatal period–the time prior to pregnancy and through the first year of the infant’s life. The Collaborative offers opportunities for stakeholders to engage in quality improvement that can improve perinatal outcomes.

Organizations can become members of the Collaborative. Member organizations have to commit to supporting the Collaborative’s efforts in manners that are most appropriate to their organizational missions, structures, and resources.

Systems and facilities can engage in the Collaborative’s work by supporting a culture of change and quality improvement.

Individuals can be part of the improvement process by implementing change in their work environments and measuring the effects of changes through rapid cycle quality improvement processes.



Who Can Be a Member of WisPQC?

  • Members represent organizations.
  • A large organization may have departments or divisions that could be considered for membership in the WisPQC. Departments or divisions of larger organizations can have representatives in the WisPQC if the individual departments or divisions represent unique perspectives. Organizations will participate in initiatives in ways that reflect their own overall objectives. For example, academic institutions could incorporate educational changes into their curricula.
  • Individuals cannot be members of the WisPQC. (The WisPQC may ask individuals to serve as content experts or consultants to the WisPQC, but the individuals will not be considered members.)

How Can My Organization Become A Member?


What Organizations Are Members Of WisPQC?