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Our Initiatives.

Current Initiative

Women and Infants Affected By Substance Use Disorders

Screening women for substance use presents opportunities for health care providers to improve the care of women and infants. For women, screening can identify women who need services and begin discussions on how women can prepare for delivery.

Current Initiative

Human Milk Feeding

The vision for this initiative is to have as many infants as possible receive human milk. In addition, facilities should address equity among the populations they serve.

Past Initiative

Maternal Hypertension

Hypertension is a common medical disorder in pregnancy in the United States. Preliminary data from PeriData.Net® show that in Wisconsin, hypertensive disorders affect approximately 22% of pregnancies. These disorders are also leading contributors to neonatal morbidity and mortality, with approximately 15-20% of NICU admissions being associated with maternal hypertension.

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The Wisconsin Perinatal Quality Collaborative (WisPQC) focuses on the perinatal period–the time prior to pregnancy and through the first year of the infant’s life. The Collaborative offers opportunities for stakeholders to engage in quality improvement that can improve perinatal outcomes.