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Our vision is to promote excellence in perinatal health care of women and birthing people, infants, and families.

We Believe

  • Everyone has a right to a safe and enjoyable pregnancy.

  • Every baby should have the privilege of being born healthy and wanted.

  • Every family is entitled to develop to its fullest potential within our evolving society.

About the Perinatal Foundation

The Perinatal Foundation was established in 1985 as a way to fund priorities that support excellence in perinatal health care. We’re proud to support organizations like Wisconsin Association for Perinatal Care, that share our desire to better the lives of moms, babies, and families in Wisconsin. We’re also committed to making sure those dedicated to the cause are supported, through initiatives like our Myrtle Bahm Leonard scholarship that covers the cost of childcare for students in the perinatal field and our Thomas A. Leonard Memorial Lecture that brings perinatal experts and cutting edge topics to professionals and providers in the field.