Promoting Excellence in Perinatal Health Care

Our vision: To promote excellence in perinatal health care

About the Perinatal Foundation

Established in 1985, the Perinatal Foundation funds priorities to advance excellence in perinatal health care. We’re proud to support the Wisconsin Association for Perinatal Care, and share the desire to improve the health of moms and birthing people, infants, and families in Wisconsin. We’re committed to supporting our dedicated perinatal professionals throughout their career. 


From Caitlyn, mama to Luna

Thank you very much for granting me the childcare tuition scholarship! This will help my two-year-old daughter Luna and I go very far this year. Without the bills of childcare that I would normally be receiving this year, I will in turn be able to focus more on spending quality time with Luna and on my education. This scholarship will not only benefit us this year, but in years to come because it will provide me with less of a need for taking out college tuition loans that I would have had to pay off in the future, helping me to focus on the growth of my family and career. Once again, thank you for the help, my appreciation goes beyond words.”

From Brittany, mama to Jocelynn

“I struggle to raise my child on one income while being in school full-time and working part-time. The scholarship has helped me pay for childcare and allowed me to spend more time with my child instead of working extra hours to make ends meet.”

From Tim and Jill

“Thank you so much for the grant distributed to our family to subsidize the cost of childcare – it made a big difference to us and allows us to continue both our graduate studies and working at the same time. It also helps us to afford excellent care at the Children’s Nature Academy. Thank you!

Building future leaders

Our Scholarship

The Myrtle Bahm Leonard Scholarship offsets the high cost of childcare for the next generation of perinatal care providers. 

Support for WAPC

The Perinatal Foundation is proud to support programs, events, and speakers that help further our mission to improve outcomes for birthing people and families.

Thomas A. Leonard Memorial Lecture

Thomas A. Leonard was the driving force behind the formation of the Perinatal Foundation and was a highly respected obstetrician and professor at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. In addition to bringing awareness to innovative topics in perinatal healthcare, this lecture helps realize the Perinatal Foundation’s original mission of bringing education to more professionals and providers.

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211 S. Paterson St., Suite 250 Madison, WI 53703 | 608-285-5858
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