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Elevating Wisconsin’s Risk Based Care Standards

Since 1970, the Wisconsin Association for Perinatal Care (WAPC) has spearheaded efforts to elevate risk-based care standards, ensuring the highest quality of perinatal health across Wisconsin. Our commitment integrates evidence-based practices and collaborative healthcare strategies to optimize outcomes for birthing people and infants.

Risk Based Care and Perinatal Health in Wisconsin

Risk-based care (RBC) is crucial at every level of healthcare – from individual patient care and hospital operations to community health initiatives and the broader healthcare system. Understanding how all these levels interact and support each other is key. 

For individuals, especially those pregnant or with newborns, RBC can make a huge difference. Ensuring they receive the right care, transportation, and resources is critical. Without this focused approach, they could face significant challenges like financial strain, isolation from their support network, or slower recovery times. 

At the hospital level, RBC enhances how hospitals operate. Providing better training, understanding the various levels of care needed, and improving communication between hospitals are essential to ensure no patient is overlooked. 

In communities, particularly underserved ones, RBC brings much-needed resources that can greatly improve overall health outcomes. Making sure everyone has a fair shot at good health is fundamental. 

On a system-wide scale, RBC identifies where the gaps and problems are in our healthcare system and finds strategic ways to address them. 

Here at the Wisconsin Association for Perinatal Care (WAPC), our heart is in supporting pregnant people and children across Wisconsin. We collaborate with healthcare providers to tackle the barriers our communities face. Recognizing the value of RBC, we’re committed to promoting and implementing it as a way to break down these barriers and improve health outcomes statewide. 

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